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Made in Japan, Baked in Japan.

Our goal is to provide our customers with sophistication that can be created only in Japan and by Japanese.

We bake with love and passion to ensure safety.



【Pound Cake】

・Cheese Cake

Light and fluffy cake made using milk from Hokkaido and cheese chunks sprinkled on top. 

Combination of sweet and delicate pound cake base and chewy cheese chunks make it wildly addicting.



・Raisin Cake

Light and fluffy cake with juicy and pleasantly tart California Raisins sprinkled on top.

Enjoy the delicious combination of sweet and buttery pound cake flavor and chewy raisin texture.



・Uji-Matcha Cake

If you’re a matcha lover, then this is the right snack for you.

Using Uji-Matcha sourced from Kyoto and topped with sweet red beans, this mini pound cake is a fluffy and soft delight with rich flavor of green tea.



【Sliced Cake】

・Brandy Cake 5 pieces

California Raisins soaked in rum syrup are baked into a rich castella cake base to create this rich and moist cake.

Chewy and subtly tart raisins perfectly complement the sweet brandy flavors that infuse your mouth with each bite.



・Fruit Cake 5 pieces

This wonderfully moist cake has a soft castella cake base with four kinds of fruits baked in.

Dried raisins, apples, oranges and lemons soaked in syrup add tang and texture. Though delicious as is, even better after chilling in the fridge. 



・Uji-Matcha Cake   5 pieces

Using Uji-Matcha sourced from Kyoto, this heavenly slice of cake has a wonderfully soft and moist castella cake base with sweet red beans baked in.

It melts in your mouth with light green tea flavor.




・Okayama White Peach Cake   3 pieces

Moist and soft Castella-based cakes. Sliced and individually wrapped.

Baked with jam of famous Okayama’ s white peaches known for its delicate flavor
and distinctive quality.






【Hokkaido Milk Cake】      Ideal size for sharing with family or friends.

・Cheese Cake                     

Fluffy cheesecake made using milk and Camembert cheese cream from the Tokachi district of Hokkaido and topped with chewy cheese chunks. 

This cheesecake is so light and soft that you can enjoy with no regrets.


・Uji-Matcha Cake

Soft and fluffy cake made using famous Kyoto’s Uji-Matcha and milk from Hokkaido.

Rich flavor of milk perfectly harmonizes sweetness of red beans and mild yet distinct taste of green tea.





Belgian Waffle】 Though delicious as is, heating up in the toaster makes it even lighter and crispier.

 ・咲waffle -Shikoku Wasanbon

Light and crispy Belgian style waffle made with Wasanbon sugar, one of Japanese traditional ingredients with unique and gentle flavor.


Wsanbon:“Wasanbon” is a fine-grained Japanese sugar, traditionally made in the Shikoku prefectures Tokushima and Kagawa.It has a unique aroma and flavor, and is used for high class Japanese traditional sweets.


・咲waffle -Setouchi Lemon

Light and crispy Belgian style waffle made with juice and peal of Setouchi-Lemons which add fresh and pleasant aroma.


Setouchi Lemon:Hiroshima, one of Setouchi prefectures is the largest lemon producer in Japan.Lemons grown and harvested in Hiroshima are called “Setouchi Lemon” and have a reputation for quality and safety.



  • 咲waffle -Uji Matcha

Using famous Kyoto’s Uji-Matcha, this yeasted waffle is a fluffy and chewy delight.

Belgian pearl sugar adds crunchy texture to each bite.